Episode 20:
The Appprentice And The Bee
Initial Confusion but Hard Work & Persistence is Key!

Our Bee Hotels are buzzing with activity! 

The top three and very bottom flutes of this hotel are being filled with deliveries of pollen and mud by our diligent Red Mason bees. 

Although they may seem confused, they only deposit their goods once they recognise their previously claimed flute. 

 In the very top flute, one bee has started her row of cells at the midway point, instead of the rear. 

Why? We’re not sure, but it confirms that our Red Mason bees prefer to start their first cell of nests with a concave wall. 

 This clip shows her first cell constructed of wet mud, mimicking the concave, timber detail manufactured by our Apprentices to the rear of each flute. 

 Stay tuned as our hotel continues to grow in popularity!