Who We Are

Who We Are

Established in 2001, Fourply is headquartered in Glasgow, with a dedicated team of over 60 professionals located in both Glasgow and the North of England.​

Specialising in high-quality building projects, our portfolio includes refurbishments, minor works, fire protection and maintenance services, delivered throughout the UK for our esteemed clients.​

Operating across diverse sectors such as: ​

​Fourply has fostered excellent relationships with clients built on trust, spanning from those new to longstanding relationships that have endured over 22 years. Additionally, we are proud to be framework partners with our clients.​

​Our commitment revolves around swiftly, intelligently, and professionally addressing your challenges. With a focus on problem-solving, we bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and flexibility to seamlessly deliver all workstreams within live operating environments. At Fourply, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations and ensuring the success of your projects.​

The Apprentice and The Bee

What do an Apprentice and a Bee have in common?

Think of skills availabilty and natural habitat both of which are in decline.

At Fourply, we recognise this and are taking measures to help alleviate both.

Read about how we are doing it.