Episode 19:
The Appprentice And The Bee
3rd Year Apprentices
Mastering Risers and Tapered Treads in Complex Timber Stair Construction

Our 3rd Year Carpentry & Joinery Apprentices are forging ahead in their challenging unit on Complex Timber Stair Construction. 

On their workbenches, our apprentices are now focused on their next stage of manufacturing risers and tapered treads. 

 A closer study of this photo reveals the traditional craftsmanship involved, with components fixed using timber wedges and glue instead of mechanical fixings. 

 This module is aptly titled ‘Complex’ as our apprentices are assessed on their ability to meet a variety of strict tolerances and quality standards, all governed by UK regulations, including: 

▪ Consistency of risers 

▪ Maximum and minimum going of stairs 

▪ Pitch 

▪ Width and length of stairs 

Stay tuned for more updates as our Apprentices excel in their Complex Stair Construction pro